The Crunch of Fallout 76

Here we go again…

Once again I am indeed unfortunately talking about Fallout 76, thought you were done hearing about this didn’t you? Well as it turns out the dreaded online entry in the series didn’t just have a rocky start for the players but the developers too had an incredible amount of problems, the worst of which of course being crunch.

According to a recently released exposée article written by Kotaku (link is here if you’re interested) after talking with developers and QA teams working on the game the truth of how difficult and stressful it was to work on the title has come to light. Talks of working 10 hour days and 6 day work weeks whilst also getting their feedback ignored by upper management were rampant and it’s sad to see once again how people in the higher up positions continue to ignore and abuse their workforce to focus on maximising profits rather than making an actual good game.

The article is a good read so feel free to check it out and see for yourself just how bad the situation was in the creation of Fallout 76. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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