The Last Day of Google Stadia

Talk about a bittersweet end

Google Stadia was not really loved by the general public. It was a service that ended up being too expensive, not prepared for standard internet speeds and in general was just a badly mismanaged project and as of the end of today the servers will be going offline and Google Stadia will be no more.

As an interesting move the engineers that worked on Stadia decided to release one final game for the platform before it went down, Worm Game. It’s essentially just a slightly more complex version of the classic game Snake but it was designed as a way for engineers to test latency and the actual software of the service so we’re looking into a way for really talented people to have a bit of fun and see the exact kind of things that is used by testers in Google services. It’s a shame that there was clearly passion and love here from those on the ground level but as seemingly with all things upper management seemed to be the issue here. Regardless, let’s all say goodbye to Google Stadia. You weren’t very good, but at least you were interesting.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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