The Game Pass Family Plan

Plenty more games than these too!

I still tell people to this day that the Xbox Game Pass is still one of the best deals for the average PC or Xbox player as it gives such a huge catalogue of games and new releases to try out for a small monthly fee that I cannot recommend it enough. It’s nice to see then that Microsoft are planning to add yet another option for people to purchase this good deal later this year; a family plan!

Now while at the moment it is just trusted insider information and not an official announcement the rumours state that the plan will allow up to 5 different people within the same country to use the service from one family account. This sounds like a great idea for the various multiplayer games available on the Game Pass as it will let families or friends try out these experiences without having to pay for multiple subscriptions. It seems that the Xbox Game Pass is becoming more and more like the Netflix of gaming and as long as the good price and great game selection continues to exist I hope to keep it as the closest thing we have. Let’s just hope they don’t get greedy.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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