The Emulation Revolution

Who really wants to emulate Space Invaders though?

With Steam having a very laid back attitude towards their storefront with many terrible indie titles and asset flips popping up left and right an interesting development has arrived which may very well see Emulation get a huge boost in usability.

RetroArch is an open source framework created a while back that aims to create a unified tool to utilise video players, game engines and most importantly to the common user, emulation. Now of course that isn’t really what the software is used for however it ended up being the most popular feature with plenty of useful additions to it in order to make it one of the most attractive pieces of emulation software available. Now it seems the creator of RetroArch is taking a stab at adding the Software to Steam for release at the end of this month which should hopefully improve the reputation and user count of it hugely.

Now we can talk about the rights and wrongs of emulation for a while but what is most important for this story is the fact that this is all completely legal and will almost certainly be a big step in getting emulation and video game preservation more mainstream and having people talk about it. I look forward to seeing what the Steam version has to offer and I hope it ends up being a big success as I am a huge advocate for emulation and anything that makes it more easy and accessable is a good thing in my book.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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