The Developer Banned From His Own Forums

Ironic, is it not?

This story is a fun ride. So if you haven’t heard recently there has been a big controversy concerning a small indie game known as ‘Domina’, a roman gladiator management sim. The game itself is apparently quite fun and well made but all of this drama has to do with it’s creator, Dolphin Barn.

This charming fellow has been spewing anti-trans, anti-lgbt and anti-woman hatespeech over not only the Steam forums of his game but even inserting it into the patch notes used for updates of his game, truly bizzare. Eventually it seems Steam had enough and has banned the user from posting on his own Steam Forums and is heavily scrutinizing his patch notes with particular emphasis being put on the fact that this could “jeapardize our business relationship” which is a scary sentence to come from Valve of all companies.

So as of right now this lunatic is ranting and raving on his social media about Steam and how terrible it is and how everyone is out to get him etc, typical loony stuff. Personally I find the whole situation rather funny more than anything and I’m glad Steam eventually decided to step in and put a stop to this hateful sentiment. Let’s hope this can happen more in the future.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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