The Death of Battleborn

Another one bites the dust

Does anyone remember Battleborn? That hero shooter with MOBA elements that came out around the same time as Overwatch and was immediately overshadowed by Blizzard’s better product? Well unfortunately it would seem that the small group of dedicated fans to the game will be saying goodbye to this title as the servers are set to shut off at the start of 2021 and any purchasable microtransactions will be cut before that.

The game went free to play beforehand in an attempt to compete not only with Overwatch but also Paladins and give the game a little bit of life but it would seem as though the investment for 2K games has not paid off in the end. I never played the game myself so I won’t miss it much but it is still a shame to see a game go down never to really be seen again, such is the way with the online only games I suppose.

Still at least fans of the game get another year and a bit out of it so make use of the time while you can! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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