The Darkest of Dungeons?

Look familiar?

What is with all these gamesrecently that play very similarly to Darkest Dungeon? It’s not just me is it that sees so many recent additions that are similar to the dark RPG is it? Well anyway this is a particularly interesting take as this time you are playing as the bad guy!

‘Iratus: Lord of the Dead’ is the classic formula of Darkest Dungeon except the roles this time are reversed. You play as a necromancer who is building up an undead army to take over the world and ensure that it isn’t destroyed. The very premise is an interesting spin on the original concept and this is bolstered by the fact that it even feels like a reverse scenario of the game it is inspired by. You can do those ridiculous combos and unfair attacks against the heroes this time and it certainly seems like a cathartic and interesting time.

The game is currently in Steam early access and some people have already reported that balancing and bug fixes are certainly needed but give it some time and this could very well be a fun contender against it’s inspiration. I wonder if this will start a trend of clone games… I certainly hope not.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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