Brand Games


Does anybody remember the days in which big brands from corporations made tie-in games for their products? Nowadays unless it’s a movie or disney is getting involved in the Kingdom Heart series again you don’t see names like M&M’s or the infamous example of Pepsi getting involved in the gaming industry anymore. To be honest however this is mostly a blessing as the games created were usually on the… terrible side.

Several of the games however were noteworthy for how… odd they are. Pepsiman of course being probably the most noteworthy example as it actually seemed to funnily enough create the idea of the mobile game Temple Run before Temple Run was ever a thing. There was also Sneak King which was a Burger King tie-in stealth game that had you wandering around open world environments to surprise people with burgers and meals. Even just typing this out now it sounds like a weird dream that I had after a particularly boozey night but nonetheless these are indeed real things. I would maybe like to see at least one or two other stupid examples in the modern age just to have something to laugh at in the sea of AAA mediocrity nowadays. We need a Pepsiman sequel damn it!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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