The ‘Cyberchampionship’

Geez, talk about reading the room…

In a completely bizzare move Russia has decided that they want to host an E-sports tournament… ok…

The idea has been put into place by Putin himself after a trip to the creative industries expo held at Moscow’s Zotov Centre and will be centred around Russia-pro only games such as the various local branches of World of Tanks and the Chinese-led League of Legends. It will only be Russians that are able to compete and, hilariously, CS:GO will not be supported at the tournament due to ‘one-sided coverage of political events’ which due to Counter-Strike being possibly the most popular game in Russia will be a massive blow to the event’s popularity.

However I don’t have to tell you myself that the idea itself is absurd. Russia is at an all time low in love for their country following the war they instigated and the idea that they think they can appeal to the Russian youth by holding a very controlled E-sports tournament is laughable at best. Regardless I doubt it will even go ahead due to the backlash it will most likely receive, but I for one do hope it goes ahead as I really want to see the awkward highlights, maybe we might even get another Blitzchung-like event!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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