Six Days in Fallujah is Finally Releasing

Military roar!

Modern Military Shooters have often been labelled as controversial over the years due to the subject matter they cover but none have gotten so bad as to be abandoned by their original publisher, that is of course aside from Siz Days in Fallujah.

This is a game that was planned to be released in the early 2010’s by Konami of all companies, but was eventually abandoned due to the subject matter and huge controversy surrounding it. That is because this game will depict the very real events that happened in the recent Iraq war, specifically this will cover the Second Battle of Fallujah which was generally seen as massive catasrophe for the civilians and many war crimes were committed. As you can imagine this is a pretty tasteless thing to depict as a standard modern military shooter but nevertheless developer HighWire Games have finally found a new publisher and the game is set to come out on Steam in Early Access on the 22nd June.

Now as for the game itself it’s apparently a standard first person military shooter with the ability to play co-op and it will apparently allow players to see the perspective of the events from the civilians as well as the soldiers. Now I don’t know exactly how this will go down, but there have been examples of Modern Military Shooters being used to actually tell an interesting anti-war story, such as Spec Ops: The Line, but whether that will be the case here remains to be seen. Regardless I’m interested to see what the online discourse will be surrounding this when it releases, a War Crime simulator is sure to turn some heads at least.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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