Stretch Goals

Wait a second… this is a popular card game’s name backwards!

Kickstarter can be a minefield to get funding from, especially with the more notorious stories of people simply nabbing backer’s money and running for the hills. There have of course been many success stories too which has led to many people trying to brave the battlefield of this site to get funding.

One of these games was a fun reto-style city building game called Stonehearth which was released a few years ago on early access. According to those who have played the early version of the game it feels pretty good and most would consider it feature complete however the studio recently announced that the game would be finished development soon and not all the goals promised on the kickstarter page would be given. Things such as certain classes and features would not be present due to the studio’s publisher wanting to focus on other projects and thus development of the game would finally be ending.

The company however has handled this well in my opinion. They’ve apologised to those who feel as though their money has been wasted, is offering a discounted price to buy the full game and is offering full refunds to those who feel as though the game isn’t up to what they payed for. Overall this is a complex story with no real good side to take, I suppose it’s up to the backers to make the stance as to if they feel betrayed or not.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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