Resistance is futile

Quake 3 is a fun arena shooter that provides a huge amount of replayability and competitive gameplay for those who wish to learn and master the mechanics of the game. Recently however it seems as though you are no longer required to spend years upon years mastering every trick-shot and jump to become a god at Quake, well as long as you’re an AI that is.

Google’s ‘Deepmind’ AI has been put through tests at playing many games of capture the flag in Quake 3 and set to learn themselves just to see how well they would do. It turns out very well and from just them being set loose and allowed to learn themselves they have successfully mastered techniques such as defending their flag, camping and advanced movement techniques. They even had the biggest winning percentage when they took on a group of advanced players at a purposefully set up gaming tournament for this experiment.

Truly this could mean that one day the AI that we play against in games could be as advanced as the ones being shown off today and that is an extremely exciting prospect for the future of the gaming industry. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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