Sonic Rangers?

The speculated logo of the game in question

So you remember last week that I mentioned during Sega’s big livestream event to tell us about future Sonic products that they teased a brand new game coming in 2022? Well as it turns out we may actually have some details about the project and it’s speculated name will apparently be Sonic Rangers.

Now this information does come from 4Chan so a healthy amount of skepticism will be needed for these claims however when investigating the metadata for the trailer of the new game being sent out to various journalists they discovered that the video file was indeed named Sonic Rangers so this 4chan user apparently does have that insider info. Anyway the leaker claimed that they did focus testing for this game and that the game was essentially an open world Sonic game with a Ubisoft-like approach to gameplay in that you explored the open environment, found places of interest and towers to get access to new areas, an xp system with skill trees and the ability to solve puzzles to gain items which will let you access a ‘digital world’.

Whatever the case may be this sounds like a very interesting choice for a Sonic game but as I said it is best to wait and see until we get official information about the game. Let’s hope it’s at least not as bad as Sonic Boom. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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