Something Witchy This Way Comes

Well now this just looks delightful

I’m a big fan of ‘relaxing’ games, ones that don’t intend to fill you with stress of challenge and simply allow you to live a new life dealing with tasks at your own pace. That’s why when I saw the Steam entry for Little Witch in the Woods I absolutely knew I had to talk about it.

Little Witch is a stardew-like life simulator game in which you play as a young witch apprentice living in a forest who must befriend the local inhabitants, explore the world and brew plenty of potions. The game just recently came into Early Access and as such is planned to have plenty of content in the future. The setting for this game is absolutely gorgeous and I adore just how pleasant it looks as the game clearly has had a lot of love and attention put into it.

I’ll probably be checking it out at some point though I’ll be doing so for my own purposes rather than reviewing it. I like to take games like this at my own pace so I feel getting it ready for a review would just spoil the point of playing it. If you’re interested in the game then here is a link to the game’s early access page. Maybe it will be of interest to you too!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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