Serious Sam’s Sabbatical in Siberia

Not that he will be doing much relaxing mind…

The years keep churning on and yet the Serious Sam franchise continues to hold it’s ground as a source of large scale insane shooting with a lone badass as the main front man. Lucky for fans of this franchise then a new standalone expansion to the recently released Serious Sam 4 was just revealed and it will see Sam take an adventure into the cold wastes of Russia to fight off the alien invaders, sounds like a chilly time.

Very interestingly however this expansion won’t be made by Croteam, the original developers, but is instead being made by an independent group of modders for the series known as ‘Timelock Studios’. They are of course being overseen by Croteam and as such they aren’t being let completely off the rails but regardless it’s great to see developers including passionate modders directly into their release cycle and allowing these talented people to really stretch their game-making potential. The game is set to come out on January 25thth and I look forward to seeing how this is received in the Serious Sam community.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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