A Bricky Situation

A waste of a cool design

In a surprising turn of events it seems as though many of the partner companies that Activision Blizzard have worked with over the years are starting to have questions about their future together as is evidenced by the latest drop from their support pool, Lego.

The Lego Company were set to release a new set based on Overwatch 2 which would feature one of the big new robots set to appear in the story mode of the game. The set was announced back in December however it appears as though they are reconsidering actually releasing it as while it was stated to come out in February they released a statement saying that the set was being “put on hold while they review their partnership”. It’s clear that they realise the massive backlash for working with such a company and so they are thinking about cutting ties, not a bad idea in my opinion.

This is all of course related to the massive slew of sexual assault and sexual misconduct allegations being thrown at the company and the latest big fiasco of the CEO of the company, Bobby Kotick, remaining in charge of the company despite the massive outcry to have him outed from his position due to his actions during this period of time is sure to be causing rising tensions. To be honest I feel no sympathy for Activision Blizzard in this situation and I’m all for companies pulling their funding and support in light of all the filth that is happening behind closed doors, perhaps this will finally get them to change their ways. Don’t hold your breath though.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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