But… why though?

The developers behind Beat Saber, the biggest and most well received VR game thus far in the genre, has recently decided to release a paid pack of music for their game by the electronic music label ‘Monstercat’.

The idea behind this does make some sense as Guitar Hero, another music rythm game series that is similar to Beat Saber, did exactly the same kind of thing by selling well known song packs for people to play. The thing is however Beat Saber already doesn’t come with a lot of songs pre-packaged into the game and it also has a thriving modding scene which has put almost every song you can imagine into the game already. Why someone would choose to buy a music pack when you can get pretty much any other song for free is absurd, although this could lead into a darker future for the game where the developers prevent modding to ensure that their paid content is the only addition to the game.

I hope it doesn’t go down this road but I am certainly intrigued to see what the future of Beat Saber holds. Maybe there will be a sequel down the road. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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