I Can’t Really Make It Out Tonight…

That is an amazing surname

I stumbled across this fun little text-based game recently known as Excuses Galore and it being free it seemed intriguing. Essentially the game is the best simulation on what it is to be an introvert within society as you do your utmost best to give a convincing reason as to why you can’t hang out with your friends. You do this until the reasonings become so ridiculous that you can’t keep the charade going any longer.

For being a fun and silly idea it looks like a great amount of fun. I especially love that you can make your very own character which can look just as silly as you want them to be. I think I may have found the first game that truly speaks to me on an interpersonal level, or maybe I was just laughing too much from the idea of it, who knows.

Anyway check it out by downloading it from the developer’s site listed at the end here if you want some laughs. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.


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