Why do most box art characters always look so miserable?

Far Cry 6 while it is indeed leaning into the more wacky side of the franchise is also set during a modern day revolution that is heavily inspired by various uprisings throughout history such as Cuba and the various Communist uprisings from around the world. As such it was rather hilarious to hear a spokesperson from Ubisoft claim that the game was “not political” despite the setting being very much in that category.

Luckily some clarifications have been made by the Narrative Director of the game, Navid Khavari, who outright said that the game’s message was indeed political but that the fictional setting of Yara was not meant to directly mirror Cuba and the uprising that took place there but is instead a combination of several uprisings and revolutions that are used as narrative backdrops that were “sensitively told” by several people who lived through those periods. This as such makes the games very much political as it shows the reasonings of both sides and the actions that they are taking which when you are talking about revolution is clearly a topic directly related to politics.

It’s almost funny that Ubisoft’s first reaction to the idea of their games taking a stance was to instantly claim the no politics nonsense despite most game settings having a message in some shape or form. You can’t really avoid having politics within a game unless you just don’t have a story in the first place as politics is simply a difference in ideologies blown up to a large scale and as such almost all games you play can be considered in some way political. Still it’s nice to see that at least some people within Ubisoft are capable of at least taking a stance on the issue and are not just skirting around the politics issue by claiming there is no message in order to sell copies to as maximum of a demographic as possible. Let’s just see how the characters are represented in the game first before making any more assumptions or judgements.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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