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I’m making a bold prediction here. The Pokemon Direct that will reveal new information regarding the latest entries in the Pokemon series, Sword and Shield, will go live later today. In advance I’m going to say at least one big reveal will be shown, Armoured Evolutions.

Now this has already been stated by a 4chan user who leaked this information a long time before the game was officially announced so this is by no means my own source however something that I feel a lot of other people haven’t taken into consideration is the fact a remake of the first Pokemon movie is coming out soon. This remake contains a brand new design for the armour that Mewtwo wears with it being a lot more detailed than the previous set which is an intriguing design change. My belief is, just like how they announced Mega Evolutions for X and Y, Mewtwo getting this new movie and look will be how they tie in the brand new mechanic of Pokemon wearing armour into the new games. This is just speculation of course but I will be interested to see tomorrow if this does end up being the case. Let’s wait and see!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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