The WHO Test

Well hey, not so bad!

Recently the World Health Organisation classified officially that Gaming addiction would be recognised as an official disorder and as a result would have clinics and doctors specialising in psychology could provide help if you suffer from it. Now as a part of this recognition the WHO set up an online test where you can answer some questions and have a scale shown to you on how much you may be at risk of having this new disorder.

As you can see from above I decided to take the test and I am apparently on the lower end of the scale of risk despite me playing a lot of video games. Now I don’t have the medical knowledge to really analyse even the idea of a gaming related medical disorder however I felt as though the test did have a few flaws after consulting with other people who also took the test. Mainly the biggest problems were that you seemingly were at more risk if you enjoyed playing online games over offline ones for some reason and some of the questions relied upon the user being aware of their problems which for somebody with an addiction would most likely not be answered truthfully.

Anyway it is a step in the right direction however it does need some refinement. I’m also concerned that this will hurt the industry as helicopter parents end up diagnosing their kids with this disorder simply for enjoying the gaming medium. Hopefully it won’t get taken advantage of like that and this will instead go towards helping those with actual problems. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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