Maxing Out!

Oh lawd he coming

So it looks like I was wrong about my prediction, I never claimed to be a psychic anyway. The direct took place yesterday and we got plenty of new things to look at. The biggest thing shown off was the introduction of a brand new battling mechanic known as Dynamax. Apparently this new form of powering up your Pokemon will only last a few turns but will make your Pokemon giant and turn all their moves into powered up versions. This also ties into a brand new raid mechanic which will allow you to team up with other trainers, online or locally, to take on a giant Pokemon. Not much else has been revealed about the mechanic however you can be sure it ties into the plot somehow.

Alongside this we also got a new look at the Galar region which looks gorgeous and seemingly has an open-world structure which hopefully means you can challenge gyms in any order, we shall have to wait and see if that turns out to be the case. We also got a look at some new Pokemon such as the adorable sheep Pokemon Wooloo and the really cool looking Raven Pokemon known as Corviknight. We also got a look at the new champion of the region, the new Professor and even our rival. Finally we also got to see the new Legendary mascots for this game which actually look very similar to each other which might mean some kind of link between them, and finally the official release date of November 15th.

Overall there was a bit of info here but not too much to spoil us yet. However you can guarantee more info will be revealed over the next few months as we get closer to release. This really does look like a fully open-world Pokemon game and I seriously hope they take advantage of that. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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