Ocarina of Time PC Release

Real time music action… IN 3D!

Ahoy there, it appears to me that the Ship of Harkinian be landin’ in these here ports! Be wary for they bring vast wealth and great gameplay!

All jokes aside, a while back I mentioned that Ocarina of Time is getting a full port to PC by a team of talented modders that are fully reverse-engineering the source code of the original game in order to get it running fully on the new platform. Well it’s now available and going by a new name, the Ship of Harkinian port! This version of Ocarina of Time will feature all the bells and whistles you have come to expect including increased framerates, keyboard mapping contols, widescreen and loads more. That’s not all however as due to this being an open framework it blows open the modding scene to the game wide open as people will now be able to fully play with the game’s base code to make their own adventures. Certainly a very exciting prospect!

Not to mention that the porting team’s work is not fully done as they are planning on adding even more new features to the game, including possibly even multiplayer capabilities! It’s a lot to place on one team but I’m just happy that such a legendary game is finally getting the chance to shine on PC and hopefully will lead to bigger projects in the future. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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