This club will certainly be exclusive…

GTA Online is still going strong at this point despite it being rather old and many people are still playing it with regular updates coming to the story of the experience as well as plenty of new content. There’s a reason why GTA 5 became the most profitable entertainment product in history.

Now it seems however that Rockstar are planning to ride on that success by introducing a new program to the console versions of their online space, GTA+. This is a paid subscription service that will give you a bunch of benefits such as being paid resources each month, unique cosmetics and a bunch of gameplay benefits designed specifically to make your experience a smoother one. It’s an odd choice and even stranger is the fact that this service will be exclusive to consoles while PC gets nothing. Rockstar have yet to comment on why this is but many speculate that the ability to more easily modify the software on PC would make it easier to cheat this system and get access without paying the monthly fee.

It’s a strange one and while the service should be live now I don’t see many people buying into it. Despite GTA Online still being incredibly popular one would think that part of that is due to the free nature of the game. Still I’m interested to see where this goes and if it will become something to take into consideration when GTA 6 is released. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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