Rage in Competitive E-Sports


I’ve been spending my free time the past couple of days watching rage and salt compilations from the competitive Smash Bros community and I must say, it’s a great watch. Seeing the unbridled fury of an angry fighting game nerd is sublime and I’m very glad to have not raged like that at a game myself. It did highlight something interesting to me though and that’s just the amount of anger inside of the competitive E-Sport scene.

Now it’s certainly understandable why tensions would be higher during events such as these. Stakes are obviously larger, stress would be at an all time high and in some prestige events it’s not just your reputation on the line but also sponsorships could potentially be made and broken at these events. These will of course lead to an incredible amount of pressure being felt by all attendees but it’s very interesting to see some people just blowing a gasket from a simple loss or misplay. I think perhaps it may be a sign of something outside of the gaming sphere that causes meltdowns like this but it’s almost sad in a way to see someone make a fool of themselves when being recorded if they make a mistake.

Still I suppose that’s one of the factors you need to take into account if you want to be a competitive E-Sports player. Keeping a level head even in the face of extreme stress is what seperates the pros from those who can’t handle the scene. Still, at least it makes for good watching I suppose. What has been your favourite rage moment in E-Sports history? Be sure to share it in the comments below! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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