No More Heroes Of The Storm

Talk about beating a game while it’s down

Not that long ago Activision/Blizzard decided to cut professional E-sport support from their entry into the MOBA market, Heroes of the Storm, which caused a massive dip in player numbers and of course pretty much destroyed the remainder of the game’s competitive scene. Since then the game has been floundering in a state of not relevant but still technically alive limbo however it seems Activision/Blizzard have finally decided to cut the game off.

In a blog post they stated that the game would no longer be receiving new content and that future updates would simply do small things such as rotate hero rosters and provide small balance tweaks. In other words the game is effectively on life support and it shouldn’t be too long before the game dies off as it’s playerbase dwindles. It’s a shame what this company did to HOTS as it did provide something different to most MOBA’s and having such a unique and recognisable cast of playable characters gave it an edge over the other options. Still results speak louder than words I suppose and it will be up the game’s dedicated fan community to keep it alive, I wonder for how long though.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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