Yet Another Acquisition

Company about to become even more ‘Supermassive’

Really seems as though media conglomerates are gobbling up as many gaming studios as possible nowadays and with how the industry is at the highest level this could be seen as a good thing or a terrible thing for those making the actual games.

Nordisk Games, a subsidiary of the huge Egmont Group, have acquired a studio you may all be familiar with, Supermassive Games. This studio is most well known for making titles in the genre of interactive movie games such as Until Dawn and their current running Dark Pictures Anthology series. This is a very unique niche that Nordisk has now acquired and while most would spell doom and gloom for the company they have already stated that they intend to keep a hands-off approach to allow Supermassive to keep doing what they do best.

The Egmont Group seems to be adding more and more into their collection, through acquisitions from Square Enix to many smaller indie studios it’s interesting to see exactly how far this will go and how much of a titan they will become in the gaming scene. I guess only the future will tell. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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