Kitty cat indeed

The image above you is not in fact an attempt to be edgy and get this website flagged for inappropriate content but is actually the banner image for a new first-person horro game that is currently in development known as Etched Memories.

In this game you get to play as a cat called Biscuit (d’aww) in both first and third person as you search through a dark and scary environment looking for your mum who has mysteriously dissapeared. The creators, a small indie team of two known as From Scratch Studios, claim that Biscuit will be using the ‘memories he has clung on to’ in order to retrace steps, explore the environment and do his utmost best in order to find his mother and battle against dark and horrific threats that may attempt to stop him. The premise is certainly intriguing but something tells me this story doesn’t end well and as such I don’t think I will personally be playing it. I don’t want to think about sad things happening to cats thank you very much. The game is currently in very early development but a basic demo has been released and the team are looking for some more help with animation and art so if you think you could lend a hand then be sure to let them know!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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