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The new map!

Overwatch has a new animated short and the reaction for it is… mixed. I personally though it was ok though I didn’t feel it lived up to the quality of the other shorts. This one focused on D.VA, the Korean superstar gamer who pilots a giant mech and defends her country against robo-kaiju omnics. The dialogue was cringy and strange, the new character felt a bit like an OC who wanted to be D.VA’s friend and the whole thing just felt a little off and dissapointing to me.

Nevertheless with the release of the short also came some new content for the test servers including D.VA’s home city of Busan which is a beautiful and varied control point map. Alongside this a huge bunch of important bugs were fixed (Reinhardt can finally use his ultimate normally!) and general balance changes to make things a little better for the game. I haven’t played much of Overwatch recently but I’m still keeping up with the news just to see what new things Blizzard is adding to make the game better.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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