Jumping From Store Shelves

Well… this is certainly anime

Does anyone remember Jump Force? It was a silly little fighting game that had famous characters from multiple different Anime fight off against one another in a convoluted storyline about alternate dimensions and such. It was recevied rather middlingly at launch despite the premise of it essentially being anime Smash Bros which should have been a massive hit, guess the gameplay just wasn’t that good.

Well quite interestingly the game is now gone from all digital storefronts. This was announced last year but now it’s actually taken effect and now you no longer can buy a game in which Goku punches Seto Kaiba in the face. If you already own the game you can still play it online until late August and the game will be fully playable offline after this point bt otherwise it’s essentially a game with a dead multiplayer.

Bandai Namco never gave an actual reason as to why the game was being pulled from stores however it’s most likely got something to do with licensing legal mumbo jumbo considering the very premise of the game. It’s a shame to see a game so unceremoniously dissapear like this however there are those that are hoping that this will be a sign that a sequel will eventually be developed and may actually lead it to being a game that lives up to the hype of the premise. Somehow I doubt this though.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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