Nintendo Direct February 2022

It’s finally back… I may shed a tear

We have ourselves another Nintendo Direct that surprisingly was announced just a day before it was due to be shown. Typical Nintendo. As always these are just the highlights I will be pointing out here so if you want to know absolutely everything do check out the saved stream on the official Nintendo channel. With that out of the way let’s check out what they showed.

Amazingly they started with an absolute banger for Fire Emblem fans as they are getting a Dynasty Warriors crossover set in the Three Houses universe. While I personally haven’t played this entry in the series I know many people adored it and so this may come as a big hit, maybe even as much as Hyrule Warriors. Something that was a much bigger deal to me however was the announcement of a brand new Mario Strikers game! I’m not one for football games but the gamecube Mario Strikers has a special place in my heart and so seeing a new entry for that has made me a very happy man.

The Switch will finally be getting a variation on the sports series that made the Wii so popular with the Nintendo Switch Sports game which hopes to recapture the magic of those early bundle games by including new minigames such as volleyball and also including online multiplayer this time, I’m curious if this will be a hit. Mario Kart 8 will also surprisingly be getting DLC in the form of remastered race tracks from previous entries in the series. Similar to Smash Bros these will be released over time in waves and you can gain access to all of them if you subscribe to the Online Expansion Pack Plus, though at the huge $25 price tag it may be a bit too steep for many.

Portal and it’s sequel will be coming to Switch which is very interesting as it shows to my knowledge the first time ever a Valve game going onto a Nintendo console, perhaps Half Life will be next? Finally one of the biggest announcements for fans of this particular series was the reveal of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. I was happy to see the excited reaction by many in the chat so hopefully it will live up to all your expectations!

As said there were plenty more that was announced so check it out yorself if you’re interested in any of the other things shown off. There were quite a few nice things this time so I came out of this one pretty happy. Now just to wait for the next one I suppose! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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