Infinity Assassinations

Dear god… the ultimate Ubisoft sandbox…

Ubisoft have made quiet plans to announce that the next Assassin’s Creed game will be a full on live service entry that will see you travel to multiple time periods and be an ever expanding universe that will develop over time as new time periods and settings are added. Seems like an interesting premise and while it is still in very early development stages apparently two of the main Ubisoft development studios, Montreal and Quebec, will be directly working together for this game and this may lead to some conflict due to the competitive nature and rivalry between the studios.

What may be more concerning than this however is that this project has also brought about some restructuring between the two studios and this has led to many people who last year were accused of sexual harrassment and assault getting lead roles in this new project which has led to massive backlash within the company. Essentially these men who very clearly have been abusing their positions of power have gotten away with little to no repercussions and instead have been given higher positions within big projects such as this, truly a shame to see something like this happen.

Ubisoft have stated that these people have been properly disciplined and that there is no threat to their employees now however from inside reports and statements from actual ground workers this doesn’t seem to be the case at all. It seems an announcement like this big new Assassin’s Creed game can’t come without the harsh reality of knowing the terrible internal politics at Ubisoft, one wonders if the misjustice carried out here will outshine the new announcement. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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