The ROM Apocalypse

The guy has some balls that’s for certain

If any of you remember the big case from Nintendo a while back against ROMUniverse, one of the biggest ROM sharing websites around, you will know that the site was quickly taken down following a copyright infringement lawsuit that was placed against the owner, Matthew Storman, and that Matthew himself appeared in court to represent himself against Nintendo’s claims and unsurprisingly he lost and had to pay Nintendo for the damage he caused.

The fine he had to pay came to an amount of around $2.15 million which due to Matthew being unemployed means that due to him having to pay around $50 a month it would take him approximately 3500 years or longer to actually pay off, which is insane to think about. Funnily enough however Matthew hasn’t been put down by any of this and is instead thinking of bringing back ROMUniverse but only with non-Nintendo ROMs which of course has got Nintendo ready to press even more charges onto him.

It’s a terrible situation and honestly the idea that Matthew doesn’t even seem to care about the legal repercussions of this is almost funny in a way. Still I can’t help but feel bad about it and I hope some kind of agreement can be reached even if it’s shaky on the legal side of things.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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