Halo Infinite Roadmap

Looks like a typical roadmap to me

343 Industries have finally released an updated roadmap for their latest game, Halo Infinite, with details on new game modes and what the next season of the multiplayer will look like over the course of 2022. The first thing coming up alongside the new season will be the release of online co-op in the campaign in ‘late august’ as they put it. The new season will come out first then the co-op functionality will come later although they have stated that at the moment only the online component will be ready to release and that splitscreen will come at a later point.

The other big game mode, the custom game and map editor Forge, is set to be available in beta form at some point in September after internal tests have proven fruitful. This is all nice to hear however I think me and many others think the same thing, that all of this is a bit too late. Personally a Halo game without a Forge mode or even co-op is an experience that is utterly gutted and so seeing these features come at a leter point is nice and all but with the first good impressions already down the drain and a huge chunk of the playerbase moving onto new games you can bet that this will be a difficult uphill battle for 343 to combat going forward. Let’s see if the players do end up returning, I have my doubts.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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