Not so champion now are we?

With more people speaking out against abuse within several aspects of the gaming industry it’s no surprise then that these accounts are also taking place within official tournaments and conventions which brings us to our latest PR disaster. EVO is one of the biggest fighting game tournaments ever with many different games being represented and hundreds of people taking part in them. Obviously due to the pandemic this year’s EVO was cancelled however an online alternative was created to at least give some kind of competitive tournament for people to take part in however after confirmed allegations came out against the current president on the tournament, Joey Cuellar, the online event has also been cancelled after many players and sponsors pulled out.

This isn’t too surprising as you can imagine the absolute PR nightmare that would come from being associated with someone who actually confirmed they made several sexual misconducts against a specific person, even as a minor! So for now Joey has been placed on leave from the company and I have to assume that they will do their best to remove him from any further interactions within these events and a new president will be found. As I mentioned before it’s good to get the rot out from these events and companies so it doesn’t cause further problems down the line and I just hope that it doesn’t affect future EVO tournaments once things go back to normal.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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