That is a very colourful shirt!

You know me, when the word Football is mentioned I usually feel my eyelids dropping as my body tries it’s best to stay awake but this is an interesting enough development in the world of video game sports that I thought I might as well cover this.

Pro Evolution Soccer (also commonly known as PES) is the biggest money-making series for Japanese company Konami and has frequently been making large amounts of profit for them with it’s yearly installments. However it seems as though the PES series is no more and instead Konami are focusing on creating a brand new game known as eFootball which is a free-to-play football game that will instead focus on creating money through DLC and new paid modes/clubs to play as.

This new game will be playable on both consoles and mobile and is slated to be released “This Autumn” at some point. The move is interesting as most people know that FIFA has been the king of football games and that PES was essentially just an alternative to that game series that has never really been on the same level. With this however it seems as though eFootball will provide a unique way for people to experience this type of game and while it doesn’t interest me personally and I am very wary that Konami of all companies is the one behind this but I will hold my judgement until it’s in people’s hands at least.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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