E3 2023 Cancelled

Geoff Keighley adding a sick burn to the whole situation posting this young picture of him at E3 above!

Well it’s official, E3 2023 has been cancelled and most likely this spells the death knell for the event in the future. After many of the big game publishers realised that they could drive up just as much hype on their own livestreams without needing to pay for Convention space they ultimately decided to pull out of the event, thus leaving E3 with not many big names to boast about. Thus they decided to pull the plug on the whole thing, shame.

To many this spells the end of an Era as E3 conventions were a big event that had many people coming to see the newest games in person and overall just interact with the rest of the gaming community. However it’s abundantly clear that the event just doesn’t quite work out in the modern digital age and so we will most likely not see physical events like this for a long time, truly a shame for many. Personally as someone who didn’t attend any of these I’m not too bothered, but mainly that’s due to the fact that no gaming conventions took place near me. Thus while I can understand the pain many feel for the loss of this event and most likely the end for all future events, I’m not too bothered. Still I am interested to see if the Summer Games Fest ends up taking the spotlight here and becomes the ‘big gaming event’ of the year now, guess we will wait and see!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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