E3 2019 Thoughts

What a fancy looking entrance

Well that’s us done for this year, it’s been an interesting E3 this time with some big reveals and some terrible conferences however it would seem as though things were mostly positive this year which brings joy to my heart.

If I was to say who ‘won’ E3 (though I find the idea of having the best conference to be redundant as everyone has different tastes) I would say that Nintendo had the most interesting reveals this time. Between the Smash character reveals, the new games such as No More Heroes 3, the nice introduction of Doug Bowser to the public and the showing off of games in development such as Animal Crossing there was plenty to enjoy during the conference, though I must say I also really enjoyed the silliness of Devolver Digital’s ‘Direct’.

Microsoft however also did very well with showing off a lot of content, albeit a lot of it was just trailers and not full gameplay demos however I still enjoyed what they showed. Cyberpunk was an amazing reveal with Keanu Reeves and I actually decided to get the PC Game Pass when checking out the deal they offered. If showing off something and then me buying it isn’t a good sign that they did well at E3 then I don’t know what is.

The worst however was easily Bethesda who showed off very little that we didn’t already know about, tried to get brownie points by adding stuff to Fallout 76 that should have been in the game from the very beginning and the very obviously fake crowd reactions were just a pain to listen to. Oh how the mighty truly have fallen.

And that would be us now. Thank you all for joining me in celebrating all that is E3 this year. Let’s see if next year tops it! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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