Nintendo E3 2019

Let’sa Woah!

And now we cap off E3 this year with Nintendo’s unveilings and by god did they close off strong. I personally feel as though Nintendo did the best with their announcements this year so without further ado here is what they showed.

We of course got the reveal of the new DLC characters for Smash however we got two this time, the Hero from the several Dragon Quest games and to many fan’s surprise we also got Banjo and Kazooie joining the roster too! The character roster just seems to get bigger and better with each new reveal so it seems Smash really can live up to the name of Ultimate. They also showed a tease to a brand new Zelda game that supposedly will be the sequel to Breath of the Wild. The trailer showed a rather dark and ominous looking cutscene so I certainly hope this new game goes the darker route just like Majora’s Mask.

We got shown actual gameplay of luigi’s Mansion 3 which this time is actually set in a haunted hotel, getting some Tower of Terror vibes from it. They announced that Panzer Dragoon, a cult classic rails shooter would be getting a remake on the Switch which many people are happy about. We also got information on big ports such as Resident Evil 5+6 and even The Witcher 3 is coming to Switch which will allow people to play that amazing game on the move, what a great move.

They showed off a brand new No More Heroes game which to those who thought the series was done was a welcome surprise and they even announced a brand new Contra game too, so many classic series! We also finally got our first look at the new Animal Crossing game known as ‘New Horizons’ which looks very nice and I am extremely looking forward to it. They unfortunately also announced that it would be delayed until March of next year but as long as the game is as good as it can be I am ok with the wait. Finally we also got some footage of the new Pokemon games which look very lovely however unfortunately during the treehouse presentation we were hit with the bombshell that we wouldn’t be able to transfer older Pokemon that weren’t already featured in the game anymore which is a massive blow and something I hope they change their minds on.

And that’s a wrap, wow there was a lot to talk about. Stay tuned for tommorrow where I will reveal my thoughts on all the presentations and what games I am most looking forward to now! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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