China Strikes Again

The player in question

It seems China’s control over the video game market is starting to affect content actively in games and this is a worrying trend. I don’t tend to talk about sports games as I find them rather boring however Konami have decided to take an interesting action which I felt was best to talk about.

As well know China have been doing some very bad stuff over the past few years. A member of the football team “Arsenal” called Mesut Ozil recently tweeted and commented to newspapers about how badly the muslim community in China was being treated and the suffering they were going through. Due to this he created a massive amount of backlash with chinese fans of the football club and this got the attention of the Chinese government.

One of the football games Konami creates known as Pro Evolution Soccer (this particular incident taking place in the 2020 edition) has taken to removing this player from the Arsenal roster in chinese editions of the game which as you can imagine is a massive case of censorship in the gaming community.

I don’t care very much about Football but this is certainly worrying as it shows that multiple companies are willing to just bend their knee to the Chinese government’s whim despite the very real cases of torture and abuse within the country. I just hope that people will see this for what it truly is and give it the proper attention that this horrible act deserves.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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