The Daily Activity

Ahh the daily grind

Video Games have become a lot of things to different people. Some like to use them as time to relax after a hard day, others have nothing better to do than dissapear into virtual worlds for days on end and then there are those that have to balance the two.

I love my video games (wow what an apt observation) and as such being an adult sometimes makes it difficult to deal with the balance of work life and home life. Gaming is a way of escape to myself but one of the things that I find fascinating is how even my favourite hobby has found a way to make it into a daily chore. This mostly takes the form of daily tasks in MMO-esque games such as the Sortie system in Warframe. These are daily tasks that must be completed in order to have a chance at receiving a great item and I tend to try and complete these every time they come up. However it has come to my attention that now I ask myself, at what cost?

At times I find myself logging in simply to complete these tasks rather than actually play the game which has reduced it to just another thing that I must do. Animal Crossing is another big contender to this as the very game itself is based on this concept however at least in that game I am developing my own virtual world/life in real time. I guess at times I must ask myself when does the gaming activity go from a hobby to just another thing I have to do in my adult life? Perhaps I should take a break from some of these daily activities and do a bit more exploring. Who knows, it can’t exactly hurt me can it?

Now I’m curious have any of you experienced the same feelings when it comes to daily tasks in games? When has it been the worst for you? Let us all know your experiences. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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