Wow that is just a… terrible title

With the delay of many physical gaming shows this year due to the pandemic many companies are looking for online alternatives to host their ‘cons’ and it seems Blizzard is no different in this regard. They announced an online alternative a while back but just recently they have also announced that all the content from this year will be free for everyone to view rather than pay-gating a lot of the content behind different tickets and passes.

While this is a nice gesture considering this is Activision-Blizzard we are talking about here something doesn’t sit right with a lot of people. Many believe that this ‘free experience’ excuse will mean that the actual event itself will be not as impressive or interesting as usual and instead will just be a glorified series of trailers with the ocassional fan experience to not make the lack of effort too obvious. Nobody really knows at this point however and I’m willing to wait and see what is on offer however be sure to keep up your guard and be wary, a good attitude to keep when dealing with the modern video game industry I would say.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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