Let the froggy antics begin

In a move that I honestly did not expect in many years prominent gaming Youtube personality Dunkey has revealed that him and his wife Leah are starting up their very own indie game publishing company known as BigMode. This company will focus purely on smaller titles and will publish games only if they can personally confirm that they are fun and enjoyable for the general audience.

This is, of course, a very surprising move and a welcome one at that to many. The indie space does not have a lot of representation aside from perhaps Devolver Digital so seeing someone with a large personality and an even larger influence circle step in to try and help out smaller titles is a fantastic move to make.

Now the announcement of this hasn’t come without controversy of course. Many people question the qualifications needed for having a publishing company of this sort as while Dunkey is most definitely as hard worker and is deeply engrained into the gaming sphere he isn’t exactly a businessman and as such running a company such as this may prove to be extremely challenging when you have to handle logistics, funding and promotion alongside him running his own Youtube channel of course. There is also many who believe Dunkey has too much bias when it comes to certain game genres but I believe that’s more to do with a persona that is put on rather than actually hating these titles inherently and as such I don’t feel there will be inherent bias in what he is choosing to publish.

Regardless this has been a very interesting development in the gaming sphere and I for one am all for new people trying to make indie games more generally seen in the public eye. I just hope that this can get off the ground and do some good before people shoot it down too much. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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