Big Yikes

Oh dear god what have you done..

In the latest bout of stupidity within the gaming industry I’d like to talk about what can only be described as an instance of studio suicide. THQ Nordic, the publishers behind various gaming companies and the big name behind some huge titles such as the Darksiders series recently decided to host an AmA to bring more attention to their games. However they decided to do so not on the usual places like Reddit or Twitter, no they decided to host it on 8Chan, a site many described as the worse versiopn of 4Chan complete with boards about paedophilia, animal abuse and racism.

The company after doing the initial AmA (and actually responding to some of these garbage people and their sick questions by the way!) very quickly backtracked and set themselves along the path of apologising for what happened however what is most intriguing is that the company itself has not actually issued a standard apology for what happened but instead the Studio Head actually said sorry for what happened. This has all lead to a massive amount of confusion and controversy as people don’t actually know whether the studio were simply being Edgy and trying to appeal to the massively Alt-Right community on the site or they really didn’t know what the cesspit of terribleness was like, and I don’t know which is worse.

Regardless many of the developers under the company are understandably pissed by not wanting their games or brands associated with literal child porn so it will be interesting to see the reprecussions of this event and how THQ Nordic will even recover from this absolute blunder of a PR nightmare. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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