The Pokemon Leak

Oh 4Chan, of course you’re behind this

With the announcement of a new Pokemon game everyone is already speculating about what the games will be about and what new things will be added into the game. Well it seems as though we may already have a sneak peek as a 4Chan anonymous user surprised us with info a full week before the game was even announced.

The post seen above was posted last week and detailed correctly the names of the new games and the region that they will be based on. This already brings some huge credence to the leak which makes what they say next even more intriguing. They detail a brand new form of evolution called ‘Armored Evolutions’. What these might be is unknown however from their name we can assume that it’s more like a temporary transformation utilising a held item rather than a full evolution however we might be wrong with that.

With this new information of course it could all be completely fabricated but it is certainly interesting to think about and I look forward to seeing if this leak does indeed turn out to be true. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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