Beyond The Sea…

Even the costumes are authentic! Wonderful!

While this isn’t exactly video game related I absolutely had to cover this due to the sheer brilliance of what I found. The Hart Encore competition took place recently that saw schools from all over America shine their musical numbers to see which would be the best out of all of them. Well one school in particular caught the gaming news circle’s attention, John Burroughs High School Powerhouse Choir from California, with a musical performance based on Bioshock of all things.

Rather than following the events of the games due to it being a relatively short performance it instead tells about the formation of Rapture through the medium of song and has all your favourite iconic characters from the series including Andrew Ryan, Sander Cohen and more. While it’s a novel concept the performance itself is absolutely stellar and they should be very proud of the work they accomplished. In fact the competition thought so too as they actually won the whole event and had a bunch of awards given to them based on this performance, what a great achievement. It just goes to show that games are absolutely an art medium now with stories that can be told in multiple different formats rather than just sticking to the consoles and PC’s that we play them on.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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