Work/Play Balance

Now that’s what I call a varied selection of consoles for an office!

Due to changing circumstances in my life my work life is about to get a whole lot more hectic and as such many would see that as a detriment to being able to play games. I however would have to disagree with that!

You see only being able to play games for a certain amount of time a day will allow you to appreciate the games that you have and even make certain gaming experiences last longer which can lead to you getting more invested. It’s not a good idea to get hung up over not being able to play games all day as eventually you will find yourself in a state of burnout, and if not then you are probably still spending way too much time grinding in certain games. It’s why I hope that more games aim to take grinding away from the experience as it will allow those with not much spare time to actually enjoy their gaming slot of the day. A good work/play balance is key to being successful and happy in life so it must be addressed properly in order to be in perfect unity.

I’m however interested in what you all have to say. How do you properly balance your work/play schedule and are there any tips or tools you would offer to people in order to help with that? Share your thoughts in the comments below! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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