Another EAddition

Says it all really

Looks like the Xbox Game Pass is getting another upgrade in the form of a completely seperate “Netflix for Games” service being combined with it, EA Play. This was originally EA’s attempt to jump into what is in my opinion the future way to play games by introducing their own catalogue of games into a service such as this however as you might expect when companies attempt to branch out and seperate all these game services you can imagine that the least popular ones won’t do too well as people don’t want to pay multiple different monthly services.

It seems good then that EA has taken this into account as Microsoft announced that people who own the Xbox Game Pass would be able to play games from the basic version of EA Play at some point around the holidays of this year. This includes things such as Titanfall, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and a whole bunch of other good games that will make the service seem far more interesting. You won’t get access to the full library of games that EA Play offers as the premium version of that service will also allow you to play the latest EA games as they come out while the basic version (the one being included with the Xbox Game Pass) will only include older games but to be honest it’s till a fantastic addition to the Game Pass.

This also coincides with the fact that the price for the PC version of Game Pass is going up to the standard value rather than the discounted ‘beta’ value that it has been at previously which is a shame but we always knew that it would be happening eventually and introducing the fact that another company’s service would actually be combining with this one to make your purchase even more worthwhile is certainly the best way to lessen the sting of a price increase. I still believe that Xbox Game Pass is a fantastic deal and all this extra content is just icing on the cake.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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