Always Online CoD

America! Oh No!

I know I said I wasn’t interested in the new Call of Duty and I wouldn’t really be talking about it, however there was one detail that I wanted to discuss with you all. You see, this new entry in the series, Black Ops 6, is the first in the series that will remain always online, even with the single player campaign.

Now this is a huge blow for those that enjoy, you know, actually owning games, but shockingly Activision/Blizzard actually have a reason for doing so, or so they claim. You see, because of the games requiring better and better graphics they decided to use what they call ‘Texture Streaming’ which is essentially storing high quality texture files on cloud servers and then streaming them to your game when you play it. This theoretically cuts down on the amount of storage required for the games and ensures you can still play at the highest quality. Thing is, the game will still end up being over 149GB and for consoles it’s even worse at 300GB. Maybe they just need to optimise better… Would certainly help in allowing us to actually play games by ourselves without needing to constantly be online. It just means the game feels less like you own it and more like you are borrowing it. However, maybe this is just the kind of identity that Call of Duty is going for now, I for one certainly won’t be taking part in it.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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