A Traffic Warden Warlock… alright then

I love me a good silly game, and one just came to my attention that I absolutely think deserves some love. It’s called ‘Tactical Breach Wizards’ and it’s slated to come out later this year but has a demo currently available on Steam. To best describe it, it’s like a small-scale XCOM with modern day wizards that use guns and standard military equipment, very silly.

I also find it quite amusing how they’ve translated these magic abilities to function in a tactical setting. For example, you can arc bolts of lightning around a room to hit multiple people and even knock them out windows, or (because I’m very predictable) there’s also a Necromancer medic that can’t actually heal you until you die, so they have abilities to kill your squad mates so they can then revive them. Very thematic and goofy fun. If you want to wishlist it or try out the demo yourself the link to do so is right here.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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